ntemata enables you automate assessment processes for teachers and holistically analyse competency learning

ntemataTM assessment software

ntemataTM is designed to provide affordable on-demand automated assessment solutions to learners and teachers by providing combinations of complete assessments flows. Learners can track their learning progress and performance, teachers can evaluate the quality of the teaching interventions, and parents can track progress towards their child’s desired future. It unlocks diverse assessment possibilities and the potential to give holistic, accurate evaluation of a learner’s journey.

ntemataTM was created specifically to address the challenges associated with assessments both from the teachers’ perspective and learners’ perspective.

ntemata ™ supports the 3-step assessment process of planning, testing, and reviewing.


ntemata platform provides the following features

Configure online tests

Automate grading and scoring

10+ question and answer types

Take exams anywhere anytime

Realtime results

Multifactor user authentication


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